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SEO Services in Cyprus

Creating a website is only the first step. In Cyprus, as well as anywhere in the modern world, a good search engine optimization strategy is also of crucial importance. It helps improve the visibility and the rankings of your website on the Internet. At Devpoint – a professional SEO Cyprus company – we know how to help your website reach this goal. Higher ranking means driving more traffic to your site and leading your company to prosperity. If you need high-quality SEO services in Cyprus, get in touch with our agency! Our experts know very well how Google algorithms “think”, and our UX/UI designers can ensure the best user experience for your website. We asked our team to share the key information and the “secrets” of SEO promotion.

What is SEO promotion of a website?

The abbreviation “SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, which includes improvement of ranking in search engines. SEO means promotion of a site in order to increase traffic and to attract potential clients. If you are looking for SEO services in Cyprus, you have certainly heard the phrases:

  • Get to the top of Google!
  • Increase traffic!
  • Improve your search engine rankings!

But what stands behind these phrases? And what is SEO promotion of websites in reality?

Our agency`s SEO experts give the following definitions:

  • SEO is the relevance of the content to users` goals. Any search in Google is made by a user who wants to find some information or to buy something. Understanding of user goals is a key to success in SEO. For this reason, we carry out an analysis of your company in order to get a deep understanding of what your potential customers are looking for.
  • In a digital marketing strategy, SEO is an essential part. SEO promotion of a site can not be carried out in one day and bring immediate results. Looking for SEO services in Cyprus, do not believe the companies who promise results “immediately, once and for all”.
  • SEO is improvement of rankings of a site in search engines. The ranking of your website – and, hence, the volume of traffic – is defined by Google algorithms. At the same time, the search engines are constantly evolving, becoming more “human”, in order to meet the users` needs. Improving a website for the search engine, we do not forget that our ultimate goal is people.

What does the service of SEO promotion of a website include?

  • Technical audit, improvement of the website code quality
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Broken links fixing and removement of non-existing pages (404 error)
  • Competitor analysis on Google
  • User behavior analysis
  • Keywords and keyword phrases research and selection
  • Optimisation of Title, Description, Meta tags of the site
  • Creation of unique content
  • Internal link building – improvement of the website structure
  • External link building
  • Guest blogging and other off-page SEO techniques aimed at driving traffic.

Our company uses only White Hat SEO methods compliant with the rules of Google. In this way, we achieve long-term and real results. Many SEO Cyprus companies use Black Hat SEO techniques with spam backlinks which can rapidly increase your website ranking but they can rapidly decrease it as well. Google search engine identifies and blocks websites that use Black Hat SEO methods. So, using wrong methods you can easily find your website on Google blacklist. It is important to understand that a good search engine optimization strategy requires patience and a comprehensive approach.

White SEO
White SEO
Black SEO
Black SEO

Why do you need website promotion?

If the search engines do not know about the existence of your site, it is very likely that users will not see it in the search results and it will have no traffic. Although search engines register new websites and process the information thereon completely automatically, quite a long time may pass before your website is noticed. And if there are problems with your website, such as low page speed, broken links or low-quality texts, it will be ranked very low in search results, and users will not find you. A research carried out by the analysts from Backlinko in regard to CTR (click-through rate; the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions) for 5 million websites showed that 75.1% of all users click on the first 3 websites. Unless you are a professional SEO marketing expert, the assistance of a professional SEO Cyprus company would be essential to get your site to the top of Google.

Why do you need website promotion?

What do the prices for SEO promotion depend on?

The total work scope, the current ranking of your website, the number of keywords, the geographical area you wish to cover (e.g. the whole Cyprus or particular districts or cities) – these are the main factors we take into account when calculating the cost of search engine optimization services. The cost also depends to the great extent on the type of your business and on the existing competition. If you are looking for SEO services in Cyprus, we would recommend you to avoid ready-made solutions and standard economic SEO packages – they can be not only ineffective for your marketing strategy but also risky.

What meaning does the page load speed have?

According to Google, 53% of users leave a website if it loads in more than 3 seconds. Cyprus is not an exemption here – search engine optimization experts note that users` unwillingness to wait is a global tendency in the modern digital world. If your website loads slowly, your visitors will go to your competitors` pages. Moreover, web pages with high load speed are ranked higher and have a higher quality score. Checking the page load speed is an essential part of the audit – it is very easy to do with the Google PageSpeed Insights free tool


The latest SEO promotion techniques

Search engines are becoming increasingly smarter. Along with the search engines, SEO is in the process of constant development. Forget about using those texts stuffed with excessive number of keywords as almost everyone used to do in the old times! The up-to-date design of neural networks aims at helping users find useful information. At Devpoint, we use only high-quality content which is really useful for users. Keeping track on new SEO tendencies, both in Cyprus and worldwide, enables us to predict which search engine optimization strategies will be useful in the future. Below you can find some of such tendencies. In Cyprus, search engine optimization trends do not differ greatly from the global ones:

Usability improvement

Nowadays, Google provides answers directly in the search results, without the need to click on the website. All of us have seen featured snippets and Knowledge Graph designed to provide necessary information instantly. Tomorrow the search engines may allow users to view the content of websites without clicking on them. For this reason, you will need optimisation of your website structure in order to attract visitors and increase the traffic. Keep in mind that your potential customers want to receive simple and easy-to-understand information without tedious reading.

Keyword phrases instead of single keywords

For some time now, Google has been using BERT language model for semantic search and for better understanding of user expectations. Keyword phrases and long tail keywords have less competition, so their use increases the chances of your website to reach the top of Google.

Keep in mind the importance of the mobile version of your website!

In the latest Google update, preference is given to mobile-friendly websites. According to the statistics of Statcounter Global Stats, at the beginning of 2020, the percentage of searches from mobile devices exceeded 53% worldwide. In Cyprus, this percentage is lower but still significant, which leads us to the necessity to keep mobile-friendliness in mind while developing a search engine optimization strategy.

Keep in mind the importance of the mobile version of your website!

The content is of utmost importance!

Nowadays, it is evident that Google algorithms aim at meeting the users` needs, at providing them with high-quality, useful and reliable information. All digital marketing experts agree that this tendency will continue for a long time. All Google`s updates, such as Panda or Hummingbird are designed to reduce the ranking of websites with misleading or poor-quality content.

Promotion of your website in order to get to the first page of Google

Providing the best-quality SEO services in Cyprus, Devpoint specializes in websites promotion, using on-page and off-page SEO techniques. We offer a comprehensive package based on your individual needs. At the same time, most of the companies providing SEO services in Cyprus deal mainly with standard ready-made packages. Our approach is customized for each client. We provide technical SEO: code improvement, internal link building, web page load speed etc., as well as organic SEO techniques, such as content management and guest blogging, aimed to bring traffic to your site.

SEO audit or SEO promotion?

Our agency offers not only the service of SEO promotion of your corporate or personal site but also the service of full SEO audit – a comprehensive analysis of the structure and performance of your site. This service will help you promote your site by yourself if you are already cooperating with a professional web designer, marketing specialist or copywriter.


SEO Audit
  • You receive a comprehensive instruction in PDF and Excel formats with detailed tips for optimization of your site.
  • Duration: around 10 days
  • Audit of 54 key points of the site for internal and technical optimization.
  • Creation of a list of keywords according to the data from Google.
  • Keyword grouping according to users` searches.
  • Recommendations for fixing technical errors.
  • Suggestions for insertion of meta-tags, title, descriptions.
  • Preparation of technical specifications for a copywriter.
  • Description of implementation of structured data.
  • One-time service.
SEO Promotion
800 month
  • We undertake all the work and keep you updated about the process.
  • Duration: at least six months
  • Full audit of the site
  • Content creation.
  • Competitor analysis and user experience improvement.
  • Fixing of technical errors.
  • Link building for site promotion.
  • Outreach.
  • Monthly SEO progress reports.
  • The service is rendered on a monthly basis.

3 reasons to choose us for your website promotion

  • 100% safety – being a professional SEO Cyprus agency, we use techniques that will not harm your site.
  • Full transparency in financial issues. All results of our work will belong to you exclusively. The intellectual property rights to the content created for you will also belong to you.
  • Guaranteed results. We have a permanent and long-term digital marketing strategy aimed at driving traffic and attracting customers to your company, who really want to buy your products or service.

The best free tools for website promotion

We asked our SEO specialists about the best free SEO tools they use. Using the following tools, you can promote your site by yourself!

  • TOP SEO tool for keywords research
  • Google Keyword Planner - the most popular keywords research tool. It also helps create keyword groups.
  • Internal optimisation tools
  • Rank Math – a SEO plugin for WordPress useful for on-page SEO.
  • SERPSim – this tool will help you see how the meta descriptions, url, title of your site look when searching on Google.
  • Schema Markup – this tool helps embed structured data in order for search engine to recognize better the content of your site. It is also useful for creation of rich snippets.
  • Link checking tool
  • Broken link Checker – helps find broken links on your site.
  • Other useful tools
  • Μobile-friendly – check whether your site is mobile-friendly
  • Google PageSpeed Insights – check the speed of your web page.

5 tips for free SEO promotion of your site

Here are the key points regarding SEO promotion of your site:

  • Provide useful and unique information. Do not forget that information has to be up-to-date.
  • Improve the page load speed.
  • Remember that your site has to be mobile-friendly. All the information you provide should be visible and easily legible on small screens.
  • Help search engines find out about you. Add your sitemap to Google Search Console. Thus, Google will index your pages faster and your site will appear in search results sooner.
  • Use relevant titles, descriptions and URL address. These are what a user sees on the search page without clicking on the site. Will the user visit your site? It depends on the title and meta description.


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