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What is a web design?

Web design agency & development services in Cyprus

Why are website design and promotion essential for any business? Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine how one can sell products or services without having a website. Online presence, when using a good digital marketing strategy, can bring huge financial profit. Most businesses – small or large, local or global, in Cyprus or abroad – have already invested their resources in website development. Having a website today is essential – just like it was essential for a business to have a phone in the old times! Today more and more people are looking for products or services on the Internet and, in many cases, high-quality web design and SEO promotion are the only way to help them find you.

Devpoint is your point on the Internet in Cyprus that provides you with comprehensive web development solutions. We know how important it is to make your website stand out from the sites of your business competitors. Our goal is a strong online presence for your business. Being a professional web design agency, we pay special attention not only to how your site looks, i.e. visual design, but also to the quality of the functional part of web design, i.e. code clarity, page load speed, ease of navigation, SEO friendliness, etc. In this way, we manage to create a web site that is very likely to have the best ranking in search engines, such as Google. The advantages of using our web design and SEO services are already being enjoyed by numerous companies throughout Cyprus: Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos etc.


Choosing a web design studio in Cyprus. Why us?

Innovative programming
Innovative programming
We research new trends, both in Cyprus and global, and find fresh web design and development solutions
Perfect visual design
Perfect visual design
Visual design that expresses the philosophy of your business and meets the requirements of your SEO promotion and, generally, digital marketing strategy
Emphasis on the content
Emphasis on the content
Experience the quality of the content we create! Our texts will help your site be on the 1st place of Google

Responsive web design

In 2016, Google announced changes in the ranking criteria for websites and promotion of mobile-friendly sites. Regardless of the devices we use, the search results we see today are the results of mobile devices. This means that sites that are not mobile-friendly no longer appear in the Google rankings. On March 5, 2020 Google announced that, starting from September 2020, mobile first indexing will be applied by default to all websites.

At Devpoint – one of the best website design and SEO companies in Cyprus – we keep track of the latest trends and updates in Google (as well as of digital marketing tendencies in general). We create SEO-friendly web sites with responsive design that fit any screen size, regardless of the operating system.

Use this free tool to check your website design responsiveness: ami.responsivedesign.is

Difference between web design and web development

Although many users often think of web development and web design as of synonyms, these are essentially different concepts. Talking about design, we refer to a broad concept mainly related to the visual appearance of the website, user experience (UX) and graphical user interface (UI). For example, our designer works on how your website will be presented to visitors and on their interaction with it. He has a basic knowledge of chromatology, of the principles and tendencies of digital marketing and SEO, knows consumer psychology and can encourage visitors to make necessary actions on the site.

Website development/programming includes:
Everything users see: fonts, buttons, drop-down list, menus, sliders, etc. It is often equated with design. Namely, front-end developers use html, css or javascript for the design of sites
Relates to the part that is not visible to users: web page code, functionality, website view, database access, use of servers etc.

Modern web development methods

As modern technologies are constantly evolving, new website development methods appear. Let's take a look at the basic site creation methods that exist nowadays:

  • Manual programming, using, e.g., HTML, CSS or Javascript. The load speed and the level of security are much higher for sites written in pure code. However, it is more suitable for building static websites that do not need frequent content updates. The cost of adding content to HTML-websites is quite high.

  • Website Builders - online services and platforms that allow you to create your own site almost for free. No knowledge of web design or programming is required to get started. Just select a template, upload your content and your website works! The most well-known platforms are:

However, the page load speed will be quite low since more steps have to be taken for the browser to request a file from the server.

  • Content management system (CMS) - open source programs that offer simple tools for content management without any special programming knowledge. The most popular tools are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Our agency prefers Drupal. It is widely used in Cyprus and provides many web design options without junk and duplicate content. Drupal helps build fast loading sites with high performance. This ensures fast connection to the server and shorter response time.


Website design at low prices in Cyprus

The cost of web design services depends on many factors, such as the size of the site, the volume of the content that needs to be created, the complexity of the project, etc. Unlike many other website design and SEO agencies in Cyprus, at Devpoint we do not provide ready-made solutions – our approach to each project is individual, based on your marketing strategy and business needs.

Below you can see a video that shows how much it may cost to build a site in 2020.

Indicative prices of various web design solutions:
Best solution for:
Personal website Portfolio
from 1000€
Best solution for:
Corporate website, Services presentation website, Professional/ business website
from 1600€
Best solution for:
Online store, E-catalogue, Website of a hotel or restaurant with online reservation or online orders.
from 3000€

Brief description of how our web design company works

Needs analysis
First of all, we identify the needs and goals of your web site. We carry out an analysis of competitors, local market, advantages and disadvantages of your business. We elaborate a whole digital marketing strategy!
Development of ideas
Having identified the needs of your site, we start creating ideas in order for our team to select an appropriate strategy within your digital marketing plan.
Implementation of ideas
Having selected the best ideas and blueprints, our team proceeds to the graphic web design and visual expression of ideas. We always keep in mind the SEO-friendliness of your site.
We use appropriate plugins and templates to build a site based on the desired characteristics. The idea gets integrated into a digital environment.
We carry out tests and control procedures to prevent any errors and to ensure the best user experience.

What should you take into account before proceeding with the website development?

First of all, you should know what you need the site for. Will it be commercial, marketing or purely informative? Or, maybe, it will be a business site, landing page, online store, hotel or company site, news portal or personal blog? Or do you already have a web site, and you are thinking of rebuilding it, e.g. for marketing or SEO purposes?
What purposes do you wish to achieve? To sell ​products or services? To provide useful information? To make a direct profit or to attract potential customers for your business?
Money and time
What budget and time frames are planned for building and maintaining your site?
Work on a web site is not over with its creation and uploading on the Internet. The functionality of links, the validity of links and content should be checked at regular intervals. Otherwise, your site will not be able to remain at the top in search engines. And do not forget about SEO promotion of your site!

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